Tuesday, 6 October 2009

5 Things to Examine in a Wireless Internet Plan

High speed wireless internet is officially part of the culture now, whether you are ready for it or not. Looking over the considerable benefits of mobile broadband -- whether on a laptop or cell device -- you generally will only stand to benefit from this advance in technology. However, as quickly as the bandwidth is increasing, there are a number of internet providers getting on board and hoping to lead the pack in the niche. The consumer should be well prepared when making this decision, as choosing a mobile broadband package will be much like choosing a cell phone plan: Multiple years will probably be on the table, and the longer the contract the better the price will be. Look over these five factors before signing up for a plan.

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Monday, 5 October 2009

Desktop Computers Are Still Necessary

In the past few years laptops have started to make a very serious dent in replacing desktop computers. There are a lot of good reasons, convenience and mobility being the most common. Prices have dropped considerably and power and features have increased steadily. Being able to take it with is a big advantage.

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Sunday, 4 October 2009

How to Auto Run an Application From a USB Flash Drive

More and more people are leaning more on the use of USB flash drive as their handy "filing cabinet". Aside from being the more convenient option to carrying a bulk of important files and documents in a pen like device, it is also very much customisable and flexible to its owner's data storage and security preferences. As it is small and lightweight, it can be fitted almost everywhere, compared to carrying stacks of CDs, carrying a pen-like storage device is the more appealing option to carrying data, media and other forms of digital files
. Even big companies are now promoting the wide use of USB flash drive among their employees. This goes to show that the use flash drives have gone far from being an accessory; it has become a necessity to all computer applications.

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Friday, 2 October 2009

Top 10 Super Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Adobe continually improves, upgrades and changes Photoshop and I'm no guru but I'm able to do a fair amount with Photoshop myself. My wife is what I would term a Photoshop guru or expert and the things she can get Photoshop to do continues to blow me away. My wife uses the newest version of Photoshop at her job as a Digital Designer, but I'm still on Photoshop 7, so please bare with me if my tips are old or outdated.

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Thursday, 1 October 2009

How to Fix the Windows Explorer Error

Do you have the Windows Explorer error when you do? This problem is mainly due to 2 reasons. Or another program is not compatible with your current Windows Explorer program, or is there a file is missing. But how can you fix this? Speed Up Your PC
Easily Scan, Repair and Fix Errors
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How To Fix Windows Explorer Error?

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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Changing Face Of Laptop Backpacks

Everything around us is changing and the changes are most prominent in the world of computer technologies. As the accessories are changing keeping pace with the taste and requirements of the people, it has become necessary for the manufacturers to change the face of laptop backpacks keeping pace with such changes.

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Monday, 28 September 2009

The 5 Best Computer Buys of 2009

I recently decided to buy my father a new computer (his was a dinosaur). Like most people in the market for a new computer, I wanted one that didn't cost a small fortune, but was still good. What I found was quite a bit of stress and a LOT of hype. Everyone claims to be the best for your money, so how do you know if it's true or not without being a computer genius? So I decided to write this article with the hopes of saving you some time and tears when searching for the perfect computer. It is a simple list of my pick for the top 5 best computer buys of 2009.

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